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Contact us

Please contact me via feedback page. Discord is preferred:

Game Data

Most translations will be synced to Google Spreadsheet:

Looking forward to your contribution!!! Especially English/Traditional Chinese/Korean parts.

  • some files such as enums.json are not uploaded because of different format.
  • inform me to update sheet first! Ask me to merge changes when you complete the edition.

Current based on JP data, added CN/TW/NA/KR translations of released part for each region. Besides, Mooncell translation for CN and AtlasAcademy/Fandom translation for NA are also used.

In order to display future data in other regions, please help us with the translation!

Translation files locate at

These are all json files, the basic format is:

  "key": {
    "JP": null, // keep null if key is jp
    "CN": "Simplified Chinese",
    "TW": "Traditional Chinese",
    "NA": "English",
    "KR": "Korean"

1 - "key" is Japanese

Mostly the "key" is Japanese name, and you need to fill the translations for CN/TW/NA/KR. Left "JP": null if the key is Japanese. For already released content, the translation will be automatically added or overridden.

File list:

  • buff_names
  • func_popuptext
  • skill_detail
  • td_detail
  • event_names
  • item_names
  • svt_names
  • buff_detail
  • cv_names
  • illustrator_names
  • ce_names
  • quest_names
  • spot_names
  • entity_names
  • cc_names
  • mc_names
  • costume_names
  • war_names
  • skill_names
  • td_names
  • td_ruby
  • td_types
  • bgm_names

You can translate important files first, the above list is sorted by my own judgement.

If a string contains year, such as "クリスマス 2017"(Christmas 2017), please changed the year according to your region. Commonly, add 1 year for CN, add 2 years for NA/KR, 1~2 years for TW.

2 - "key" is Simplified Chinese

So only left "CN": null then fill Japanese and other translations.

File list:

  • chara_names
  • summon_names

3 - special "key"

The most important files are enums.json and trait.json, all fields need translations. It maps the trait id or game words to display name.

You should check the trait description in game data then fill the trait. Try search on AtlasAcademy and switch regions to check descriptions:

4 - override_mapping.json

This is a special file to override official translations. The format is:

  "file_name": {
    "key": {
      "CN": "QP"
  "item_names": {
    "QP": {
      "CN": "QP"

Attention, only file_name without .json suffix here. And only add fields need overridden.

UI Text

App ui text also support multi-language, besides the official 5 languages, we can extend support for other languages too.

Translation files locate at

  • intl_ar.arb - Arabic(RTL)
  • intl_en.arb - English
  • intl_es.arb - Spanish/Español
  • intl_ja.arb - Japanese
  • intl_ko.arb - Korean
  • intl_zh.arb - Chinese
  • intl_zh_Hant.arb - Traditional Chinese

If you want to add more language, just copy intl_en.arb or intl_zh.arb and translate the listed strings. You'd better to check these strings in APP to see where it would be used.

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