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About Chaldea

Chaldea is a cross-platform material planning tool for Fate/Grand Order, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and Web. Chaldea will help masters plan their servants, events and materials.

Go to Laplace for details about battle simulator.

Chaldea Preview

Chaldea Preview


  • Cross platform: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and Web
  • Multi-language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean
  • Detailed Game Data: Servant, CE, Command Code, Mystic Code and so on
  • Material Planning
    • Servant rank up: ascension, active skill, append skill, costume, palingenesis, fou-kun and servant coin
    • Event plan: limited event, main story and exchange ticket
    • Material/Item management, find the quests with best drop rate
  • Free Quest Solver
    • Get the best quest farming solution on item demands
    • Compare the efficiency of each quest with custom item weight
    • Support Item+Bond+EXP planning
    • Support Master Mission/Weekly Mission/Event Mission/Custom Mission: custom mission target
  • Summon details and Summon Simulator
  • SQ Planning: Currently support predictable parts of SQs/tickets/fruits
  • Import Data
    • Recognition for item/active skill/append skill screenshots(Improved performance by doorholez)
    • Parsing all game data by sniffing the client's login https traffic, don't need manual input. Support NA/JP/CN/TW.
  • Others
    • EXP card cost calculator
    • Statistics on item demands, consumed items and servant collection
    • Fate/Freedom Order: 2021 April Fool's mini game
    • Illustrator and CV list

There is a simple guide created by Squirrel:

Data Source

The UI and functions of the app is inspired from

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