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Servant Planning


The Servant and Plan page are all for servants. Plan page is designed for batch changing the servant skill levels.

Servant List Page

Servant List Page
1-Favorite/Other/All, 2-Filter, 3-Search, 4-Popup Menu, 5-Class Filter, 6-Hide One, 7-Batch Setting

Servant List Page

Similar to CE and Command Code list, it shows servants' name, number, class and current skill levels if favorite.


Switch list among SHOW ALL, FAVORITE and NOT FAVORITE.

The default behavior can be set in Display Settings


Provide the detailed servant basic info, traits, plan status and skill/NP effect filter. Effect filter doesn't include append skill since all append skills are almost the same. See Buff Filter for details.

  • custom search scope: basic, skill, NP...
  • some key fields support Chinese Pinyin and Japanese Romaji search
  • multiple keyword support, see Search for details.

Not all options are shown in different pages.

  • Select Plan: support at most 5 plans
  • Copy Plan from...: Copy another plan to current plan

Top Class Filter Style

Go to Display Settings to choose the class filter style

Plan List Page

Different from Servant List Page, it shows the servant detail level info for ascension, palingenesis, skills and costume, both current value and target value.


Main purpose of this page is to batch changing all shown servants' level.

You can custom shown servants by filter dialog. What's more, click the trailing 👁️‍🗨️Hide button will hide the specific servant which won't respond to your batch setting.

Make sure the correct plan is selected. Every account supports multiple plans, you can switch or copy plan in the popup menu.

Batch Settings

There are the functions for every button:

  • Set all for Current status or Target plan
  • Jump to Item List Page
  • Dropdown button to batch change value
    • ascension
    • all 3 active skills
    • append skill(s): you can set changing only 2nd or all 3 append skill(s) in Display Settings
    • all costumes

When you click Lv.x, all shown servants' current/target level will change to Lv.x.

If you select x+1 for skills, it means change from Lv.x to Lv.x+1. For me, mostly used for check which item is lacking at the moment.

Detail Page - Plan Tab

Servant Detail Page

Servant Detail Page
1-Favorite, 2-Popup Menu, 3-Growth Curve, 4-Priority, 5-Custom Tab Sorting, 6-Plan Settings, 7-Toolbar(Enhancement and Shortcuts)


Switch Slider Mode and Dropdown Mode in the popup menu.


❤️ 🤍

Add servant into plan or remove from plan. Changing current or plan value will automatically set favorite❤️.

The item detail page only shows favorite servants' demands by default.

  • Select Plan: same as above
  • Reset: Reset this servant's all status and plan
  • Reset Plan: Only reset plan to current status
  • Jump to: Jump to wiki pages
  • Switch Slider/Dropdown: switch display mode as you like
  • Create Duplicated Servant: see following section

Duplicated Servant

By default, we use servant collection number as key. So every servant can have only one instance. Here we call it Primary one.

If your true love is Ishtar, and want to plan 2 Ishtar for same servant collection number. You can create duplicated servant. in popup menu.

e.g. the number of primary Ishtar is No.142, the duplicated Ishtar has a new number of No.142001. which means you can create at most 999 duplicated servants.


Duplicated servants may cause some potential bugs, if encountered, please tell me.

Priority 1️⃣~5️⃣

Apply different priority for servants, as an extra filter property. Default to P1, ranges from P1 to P5.

E.g. set low rarity cards to P1, SR&SSR cards to P2, upcoming servants to P3. It's convenient to filter out which priority servants should be added into plan.

To remember the meanings of P1~P5, you can set the label for priorities in Display Settings-Priority Tagging


The priority filter in servant list page, item list page and statistic page, share the global priority filter setting. Unchecked priority won't be added into plan. What's more, all unselected=all selected.

Leveling Plan

In Plan tab, For every attribute with range values, the left value is current level, and the right value is target/plan value. If it's not a range, just a single value, it won't be included in plan, just recording such a info, like NP level.

Click the right info button ℹ️ to check the item cost details or tips.

  1. Ascension - 0~4
  2. Active Skill - 1~10
  3. Costume Unlock - 0 means locked, 1 means unlocked
  4. Append Skill - 0~10, 0/- means unlocked, 0-1 will cost 120 coins
  5. Servant coin - coin amount of servant specific coin
  6. Palingenesis - max level(0 grail)~Lv.120(n grails), differ from servant rarity
  7. NP level - just recording, not used
  8. HP/ATK Fou-kun - 0~2000, 1000 by default. The internal value and shown value has such relations:
    • 0 Fou-kun = -20(calculated by silver(3) Fou-kun)
    • 1000 Fou-kun = 0
    • 2000 Fou-kun = 50(calculated by gold(4) Fou-kun)
  9. Command Codes - it's easy to find out code pinned on which servants in code detail page


From left to right.

  • ℹ️: show item cost for current plan
  • Enhance button: enter Enhance Mode, and now:
    • current value cannot be changed
    • change target value for this enhancement(it's not servant plan value)
    • click OK will execute enhancement and take out items
  • Lv.x dropdown
    • quickly setting all 3 active skills to the same value. Meanwhile, ascension will be set to 4. Append skills are not changed.
    • in normal mode, it changes current value. In Enhance Mode, it changes target value.
  • CURRENT 310⬆️: Change all current value to 4-10/10/10 (ascension 4+active skill 10/10/10)
  • TARGET 999↗️: Change target value to 4-9/9/9
  • TARGET 310↗️: Change target value to 4-10/10/10


  • Display order of tabs can be customized in Display Settings-Tabs Sorting
  • Click ATK/HP besides avatar to show the ATK/HP growth curve
  • Skill: list active/class passive/append skills effects
  • Noble Phantasm: list NP effects
  • Info
    • game base data: illustrator, voice actor, traits, alignment, hits, NP rate, bond points and so on.
    • profiles
    • bond CE
    • valentine CE
    • related cards: shown in CE/Command code

      click 中|日|EN to switch the display language for card profile text

  • Illustrations
  • Sprites: ascension icons and battle models
  • Summons: those with current servant picked up, class pickup or guarantee summon

    A ⭐ is shown for Single PickUp

  • Voices
    • ▶️ download on play
    • some voice file may be not uploaded, especially for new servants
    • some voice formats may be not supported by platform
    • click ⬇️ to download voice file to local
    • click 中|日|EN to switch the display language for voice text
      • English text may be mismatched
  • Quests: interludes and rank-up quests

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