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Summon List

Buttons and Filters:

  • Favorite: show favorite summons only
  • Show Banner: by default, it shows summon title. Since no English translation yet, teh banner is provided to help NA players to distinguish banners
  • Show outdated summon: check outdated according to Settings-Progress
  • Category: Story Summon(JP and CN only), Normal Limited Summon, Guaranteed Summoning(SSR only), Guaranteed Summoning(SSR+SR)

Summon Detail

For daily pick up summons, there is a Overview page to show all servants.

Click dropdown to choose a specific one, with probability shown.

Summon Simulator

Simulate 10/11x roll or single roll. The statistic probability for current simulation algorithm:

  • app bar button - clear result and reset
  • click arrows of summon result to show history rolls
  • some early summons don't have summon prob data, so cannot simulate

GSSR Expectation

For guarantee summons(GSSR), you can get each expectation by setting each servant's score. By default, owned servant has score 0, and not-owned servant has score 5. The larger score is more acceptable.

You can sort each GSSR choice by expectation, best prob, worst prob or custom. Let it give you reference about how to choose.

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