Laplace is in charge of battle simulations. It's currently in beta phase, so any feedback is welcome!

  • Can be accessed via the Laplace button on the main menu
  • Can also be accessed via the calculator icon near quest details page


TL;DR: Select your servants, CEs, then just activate skills and fight! Now it mainly supports free quests, but you can try Challenge quests using custom skill activation.




Servant Edit

Servant Edit
  • If Prefer Player Data is checked and the selected servant is marked as favorite in the current plan, then the application will automatically set the ascension phase, skill levels, and np level to match the setting stored
  • NP & skill upgrades default to JP and modifiable. In later version this will match the user's server setting
  • Also provide the ability to disable or customize skills/np (in local database)

Battle Simulation

Battle Simulation

Battle Simulation
  • UI is mostly built in reference to FGO Teamupopen in new window, backend is basically FGO Simulatoropen in new window, but the data structure is from Atlas Academy DB
  • Press servants' and enemies' icons to view detailed information
  • There is also a Manual Random Value Mode (the dice icon down bottom), which allows users to manually decide each probability check and random value
  • Quest info and battle log can be accessed via the top right corner
  • There is also a custom skill activation function, which can be used to simulate simple challenge quests at the moment. This requires skill id, which can be found in AADB. This function can be accessed via the top right corner


  • For now, enemy simulation is unavailable
  • All servant skills and buffs should all be implemented except Bazett & Angra Mainyu's NP
  • A ton of enemy skills and buffs are not implemented, which can be confirmed via DEBUG battle logs


  • Easy to access battle log & details
  • Custom skill functions as now there are only selections
  • More TODO on Githubopen in new window

Bug Report

  • The feedback page can be found in Laplace page
  • Or report in discord


Contributors: Yome, narumi