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Master Mission

Solution for master mission/weekly mission.

Similar to free quest solver, using linear programming, but here we use Integer constraints.

Get Master Mission

Choose your region through the dropdown button at top. Check the weekly mission or extra mission.

For missions can be planned, there is a search icon at the trailing. Click it to search targets for this mission. Or click "Solve" button to solve all missions together.

Custom Mission

You can add custom mission and get the least AP solution.

Mission detail:

  • Type: enemy trait, enemy class, servant class, etc.
  • Count: the mission target count
  • IDs: the mission target id, it should match mission type, the id may be invalid if type is wrong. Click <+> icon to add more target id.

Free Progress

  • basically, it uses Main Story's free quests to plan, you can choose the different mains story progress
  • You can also choose event quests, only JP/NA quests after 2020.11 has enemy data.

Main Story's Free Quest Scope:

  • All free quests from Singularity F to selected war/chapter, plus all "Enter the Treasure Vault - Novice~Extreme" in Daily Quests.
  • "Training Ground" and "Ember Gathering" quests are not included because of random enemies.
  • All above quest and enemy data use JP data.

Solution Solution tab is the least AP solution and you can also choose related quests by your own demands. Each quest has shown the count of mission target count.


  • some quests of limit event may not have data, and these quest data are downloaded when solving
  • events with enemy appearance rate up may be inaccurate
  • some missions may be impossible to complete so may be ignored

Event Mission

In the mission tab of event, you can also choose missions and solve them here.


  • Add [NotBasedOnServant] trait for Traum Enemies: JP removed [Not Base on Servant] trait for some of Lostbelt 6.5 Class enemies, then they won't progress missions such as "Defeat x enemies (excluding Servants & certain bosses)". But the trait exists in other regions yet, so the solution may not be the best for non-JP. You can turn on it to add this trait if you are sure.
  • Exclude Random Enemy Quests: some Ordeal Call quests (drop Gems) has random enemies, mainly random class which may affect results.
  • Balcklist

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