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Fate/Freedom Order

Fate/Freedom Order

2021 April Fool's mini game.

Thanks icyalala@NGA for providing the FFO resources and synthesis pattern.

FFO Intro

All servants from Mash to No.306-Galatea, Udon servants and Boss Elizabeth. Beasts not included.

The illustration of all servants(except boss) are divided into 3 parts: Background, Head and Body.

You can freely combine these 3 parts.


  1. Resources are downloaded on demand, no need to import them anymore
  2. Select BGHEADBODY
  3. Click Crop to crop the region out of background, click Same Servant to use the same servant's parts
    • the full resolution of synthesized image is 1024×1024, after cropped is 512×720(BG size). The servant parts may exceed the BG region
  4. Click save to save to local, long press image to show save/share options, click image to show in full screen.

FFO Summon Simulator

Synthesis servants randomly, experience the surprise.

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