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Buff Filter

Use the AtlasAcademy Database to filter skill/NP effects.

There are two kinds of effects:

  • FuncType: act directly, like NP charge, gain star
  • BuffType: display as buff in servant status bar, like invincible, Arts Up, regain NP per turn.

Servant/CE/Command Code Filter Dialog

Here, the filters are optimized by me:

  • merge similar effects: Buster Up and Buster resistance down, NP Charge and absorb NP
  • Split Arts/Quick/Buster effects: they are all upCommandall

Buff Filter Page

This page provides original FuncType and BuffType.

  • custom filter scope: active skill/class passive/NP. Append skill not included, they are all the same.

A text search input is also provide here, only support card name and effects search here.

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