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Features on home page can be manually shown or hidden. Hidden ones can be found in LostRoom.

This page, will introduce some minor features or features still under development.

EXP Card Calculation

According to servant rarity and Lv range, calculate the cost of EXP card/QP/grail/coin.

  • support star 5/4/3 EXP cards
  • support same EXP card class or not same
  • support Max Lv.120
  • "Next" is the required exp to next level. If "Next"=0, this param is not used.

Some List View

Nothing special, just an overview for each thing.

  • Costume List
  • Mystic Code List
    • Level setting is just for recording, not used yet.
  • Illustrator/CV List
    • search: search creator's name and cards' name
    • attention: one card with several creators may not be split
  • Enemy List
    • only show enemies from main story's free quests. You can search trait or alignment.
    • other servants/enemies which is not in your servant category will be listed the basic info, and click to show the details.

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