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Search and Filters

The app provides search and filter functions at most pages.

Click 🔍 search button to open search input.

Custom Search Scope

If there is a ⚙️ setting button on the trailing of search input, you can custom the search scope. Take the search setting of servant list page as example:

  • Basic info: servant id, name, illustrator, CV and so on
  • Active skill: name and effects
  • Class Passive skill: name and effects
  • Append Skill: name and effects
  • Noble Phantasm: name, upper name(ruby) and effects

Not include unimportant info like profiles.

If there is no such a setting button, only search the critical info.

Chinese Pinyin and Japanese Romaji

  • for multi-language fields, all languages are included in search
  • only partial critical fields support Chinese Pinyin and Romaji


Use space to split keywords.

  • By default, use AND to combine keywords
    • A B C = A +B +C = A AND B and C
  • +B means MUST contain B
    • A +B = +A +B = A AND B
  • -C means MUST NOT contain C
    • A -C = must A AND NOT C
    • A +B -C = MUST A AND B and NOT C


Click filter button to teh filter dialog. Take servant as example. List/Grid, sorting: display settings

  • Costume: only show servants with costumes
  • Basic profile filter: class, rarity, NP color and type, alignment, traits, gender and so on.
  • User's plan status: dup servants, plan status, skill status and priority
  • Buff/effect filter: see Buff Filter

Combined Filter

  • Inside one filter group, use the OR to combine
    • you can check ☑️Match ALL button to change it
  • All unselected=all selected
  • Different groups use *AND to combine
  • ☑️Invert Selection

You can choose whether to reset filter every time entering the list page.

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