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Item List Page

Divided into 3 tabs:

  • Usual items: including grail, crystal, chaldea lantern and foukun
  • Skill item: Gems
  • Ascension items: Pieces and Monuments

AppBar buttons:

  • Plan Switch: support 5 plans for each account
  • Priority Filter: only checked priorities are included in plan
  • ☑️Only Show Lacking Items: show all items by default

Bottom buttons:

  • 🧮Planning Quests: Solve the best free quest solution according to lacking items. Before solving, you can set the exceed amount for items. Lacking + Exceed = Demands.
  • ✅Event: whether to include event rewards when calculating item demands.

    Reset to checked every time entering the item list page

For each item: Current+Event-TotalDemand=Left

Item Detail Page

Servant Cost

Show the item cost detail for servant leveling.

App Bar buttons:

  • Switch Display Mode
    • Categorized ascension/active skill/costume/append skill cost details (default, grid view)
    • Total cost for each servant(grid view)
    • Detailed cost for each servant(list view)
  • Sorting: collection number(default), class, rarity
  • Favorite: show all servants or favorite only

Free Quest Drops

List all free quests containing the item.

  • show the new drop rate data after 6th anniversary, you can click 6th to switch new/old data.

    the old data didn't contain quests of 2.6 or later

  • sort quests by AP Efficiency by default, drop rate sorting is also supported

Event Rewards

List all events containing the item.

  • planned events highlight the trailing text
  • click ⏱️ to show outdated events

Interludes and RandUp Quests

List all servant quests containing the item.

  • Sorting: Collection number(default), class, rarity
  • Favorite: show all servant quests or favorite only


Item icon, description and so on.

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