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Event Planning

Event List

Including Limit Event, Main Record, Exchange Ticket and Campaign Event.

Click ⏱️ button to show outdated events. It can be set in Settings-Progress.

Click sort button to sort.

Popup menu - Show special rewards: display special items(grail, crystal, 4-Foukun and welfare servant) under the event title.

For lottery event or raid event, a star ⭐ is shown to inform you there are some custom settings.

Limited Event

Banner: Swipe to show JP/CN banner images, no NA version yet

Rerun: Choose whether to convert grail to crystal

Quests: Main quests and free quests, just for reference. Especially for main quests, the data may be incomplete and in wrong display.

Lottery: For limited lottery, a max lottery count is shown as hint.

Shop/Task/Points/Quests: Including all fixed rewards if you can complete the entire event.

Extra Obtains: For lottery/raid event, the most efficient quest's item drop or treasure box or other customizable items.

Associated Summons

Floating Button-Collect Items: Archive items for each part and reset lottery and extra parts after archived. If all parts are selected, this event will be removed from plan after archived.

Main Record

There are two main item sources:

  • Fixed drop of main quests
  • Rewards of main quests

Exchange Ticket

The month setting is inferred from current game server:

  • JP: as base
  • CN: +12 months
  • TW: 21 months
  • NA/EN: +24 months

Click item icon to show detail, click the number button right to icon to choose planned count.

Some months in your region may have different items with JP.

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