Login via Transfer File(JP/NA)

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Read your account auth file to create login request to FGO server. Then import the response data to chaldea app.


It reads your account auth file! Breaking Term of Service (ToS). Use in RISK! I take no responsibility for anything.

Auth file is 54cc(Android) or authsave2.dat(iOS) referred in Transfer Data


Auth file is not "Transfer/Bind Code", you can login with the auth multiple times. Only when you login at another device by consuming the transfer code, the auth file is expired, you have to read new auth file again.

The app will:

  1. read 54cc/authsave2
  2. select ZSv/.... string from above file
  3. simulate login

You can import file to chaldea app or just copy the text to app.

Additionally, you can set User-Agent, deviceinfo and Country(for NA). They are mainly device related params, you can leave them default if you don't know much about it.

Contributors: narumi