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Transfer Data

No need to use and update transfer code time and time again. You can directly copy FGO data from original client to target client. Support both iOS and Android. And only for JP and NA server which use transfer code.


NOT allowed according to FGO's user agreement: emulator, apk mod and so on.

Extract Data

Data File Directory

  • Android: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/<package>/files/data/
  • iOS: Fate_GO.imazingapp/Container/Documents/

For Android-Android and iOS-iOS transferring, just copy then paste the above directory or file.

If you want to transfer from iOS to Android or reverse, you need to rename the files, they have different filename for the same file.

Extract Android Data

Just copy the files under /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/<package>/files/data/, subfolder can be skipped.

The <package> name for different apk is:

  • JP: com.aniplex.fategrandorder
  • NA: com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en

On Android 12+, /Android/data/ folder is not readable by default file manager or other apps. You need to install ES or RE or other file manager, and grant permission to this folder. And in Auth file login, you need 54cc file, so you have to copy the file to another folder so that app can read it.

Extract iOS Data

With the ability of iMazing software, you can backup entire phone then extract FGO data. You can find more tutorials on web about iMazing.

  1. Install iMazing, support Windows and macOS, trial version is enough. Then connect iPhone with computer through USB cable, trust computer and you can see your phone info in iMazing.
  2. In iMazing, choose Manage Apps, (may need Apple ID login), choose Device tab, find Fate/GO app.
  3. Right click Fate/GO, select Export app data, choose your saving folder. There are two options: Backup and Extract App Data, Extra from Last Backup if possible, choose at your demand(no difference for first use).
  4. After extraction, you will get Fate_GO.imazingapp, it's a zip file in fact, so you can open it with WinRAR.
  5. In the zip file, Container/Documents is the data folder.

The files under data folder have the different names in iOS and Android. Refer the following table.

iOS (*.dat)Android备注
login credential
friendcodesavee1a9**user id
signupsave644b**user name?
  • in iOS, authsave.dat and authsave2.dat are the same, just duplicate one and rename
  • in Android, 54cc and 969b are also the same, delete 969b or duplicate it
  • Full Android filename (NO Extension):
    • 54cc790bf952ea710ed7e8be08049531
    • 969b46577f365fadeb79ef14cf5d6370
    • e1a9f8e0ff970cc15b1a1d1e31d146db
    • 644b05165c512739dc5e70ad513548fe

The login credential is the most important file, you should retain only this file or 4 files above, delete all other files (subfolder is safe to keep).

Restore Data

Remember to rename files to the one in target platform.

Restore to Android

Delete all files under data folder, then copy the above 3 files to here. Over.

Restore to iOS

You should turn off Find My Phone first.

  1. Open Fate_GO.imazingapp with WinRAR, delete all files under Container/Documents/, copy above 4 files to here, save it.
  2. Back to iMazing, still in Manage Apps-Device-Fate/GO, right click and choose Restore App Data, your phone will restart.
  3. After restart, you need to verify Apple ID, check security settings again. Choose DON'T Restore Data when it let you restore data.
  4. Over.


In order to bypass the risk of iOS restoration, it was recommended to:

  1. transfer your FGO account to iOS client, generate transfer code
  2. Extract iOS data and copy to another device.

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