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Forgot Password

Please send following information through Email or in-app feedback:

  • username
  • register date
  • device UUID that has been successfully logged in recently

UUID: via "About Chaldea" - long press logo - paste UUID.

In-app feedback will attach UUID automatically.

Fail to start or white screen

  • Web: for Firefox, if InPrivate mode or "Clear history when close" setting is turned on, it will disable IndexedDB then stop app.
  • It seems not support Windows 7, btw only 64-bit supported.
  • Don't run it in zip without extraction. Extract it then run!
  • Don't save it to any folders need admin permission, such as C:\, C:\Program Files\
  • Don't save it to Network folder, such as the network disk/FTP

Cannot find ** Servant/CE

Please check your favorite button and filter setting, maybe you just hide them. Reset those filters and check again.

If you are still using v1.x, please upgrade to v2.x. For Android, you must uninstall and re-install v2.x, remember to backup data.

Loading Image Failed

Most of all images(card thumbs, skill icons, illustrations, voices) are downloaded on demands.

Possible reason:

  • check Network Setting, if it shows offline, you can switch on the Force Online Mode
  • chaldea server: one in China and one is Global

Web: laggy or font not rendered

In settings, change web renderer from canvas to html. Html renderer is a little faster but maybe worse layout.

Web: refresh page accidentally

Usually occur on mobile web page, especially in quest page. Website on mobile is not recommended! Use app please!

Web: cannot update data (CORS issue)

Usually on FireFox with "Global" data source (

Press F12 to open developer tool and switch to Console or Network tab. Check whether there is any error related to "CORS" (Cross-origin resource sharing).

If it does have CORS issue, please turn on Fix CORS issue for "Global" source in Network Settings.


  1. this is an open-source project
  2. Trust the app or exclude its folder in Anti-Virus software

Wrong Text/Data

Game Data

  • some unreleased data in your region may not have translation
  • skill/NP/mission are described according to game data, if there is any mistake, please submit feedback

For any translation missing or mistake, feedback welcomed, and help translation wanted!!!

Delete Account

Account system is used for online userdata backup and Laplace team sharing. If you want to delete account and all data, you can:

  1. Go to Settings - User Page, input user name and password then click DELETE.
  2. Contact developer to remove data: [email protected]


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