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Unimplemented Functions

  • Class Board:
    • Command Spell Added Buffs
    • Henry Jekyll & Hyde won't gain class board buffs after class change (probably will never be implemented)

Fixed in v2.5.9

  • Aoko Aozaki
    • Fix incorrect checks on magic bullet buffs
    • Support Protagonist Correction
  • Sizuki Soujyuro
    • Support Avoid Lethal Attack Damage (Skill 1)
    • Support Np Multiply (Skill 2)
    • Support Pierce Damage Cut (NP)
  • Alice Kuonji
    • Support overwrite attribute
    • Support guts on instant death
    • Support DoT Value Up/Down
    • Fix her passive can't reach 0
  • General
    • Skills & NPs that transform servants now reapply passives & adjust atk & maxHp (except Jekyll, it's literally hardcoded in the game as a constant)
    • Fix certain command codes & attack trigger functions not working due to Aoko's AoE card update causing lots of type changes
    • Add support to linked buffs & behave as family buffs (Summer Chloe Skill 1). These buffs will share use count & will get removed at the same time
    • Fix toleranceSubstate sometimes activate when shouldn't

Fixed in v2.5.8

  • Fix incorrect class advantages against special enemy classes
  • Fix Gilgamesh S1 trait check

Fixed in v2.5.7

  • Fix Bakin's skill3 trigger effect

Fixed in v2.5.6

  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Support breakGaugeUp
  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Support gutsHp
  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Max HP related buffs will no longer cause targets which hp are below 0 to gain hp (mainly affects gauge break)
  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Enemy Melusine can now use her skill 3 to correctly transform
  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Enemy skills can now be acted multiple times each turn
  • Support Aŋra Mainiiu NP
  • Guts will now clear accumulation damage (overkill bug related)
  • Fix a bug that will cause servants to always gain max HP when affected by percentMaxHp related buffs

Fixed in v2.5.5

  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Support shiftGuts
  • Fix preventDeathByDamage (Van Gogh's passive) related interactions

Fixed in v2.5.2

  • 【Chaange Quest Related】Max HP Buff not active after gauge break
  • Fix command codes & command card strengthen missing after type change

Fixed in v2.5.0

  • Support Ptolemaîos

Fixed in v2.4.18

  • Use 32 bit accuracy for damage and critical star calculation (previously it's 64 bit)
    • Lowered accuracy because FGO uses 32 bit
    • In previous 64 bit calculation, there's a ±1 error in damage value
    • NP calculations are always 32 bit, so nor error there

Fixed in v2.4.16

  • Fix Summer Chloe's NP unable to trigger NP SE damage
  • Fix Cait Cú Cerpriestess able to extend buff durations of irremovable buffs

Fixed in v2.4.15

  • Fix issues with additional passives causing simulation errors
  • Fix issues with certain CQ AI skills causing simulation errors

Fixed in v2.4.14

  • Fix Summer Chloe cannot move to last

Fixed in v2.4.13

  • Command Code triggered buff was processed as passive buff (introduce bug: Summer Chloe cannot move to last)

Fixed in v2.4.12

Rewrite some code, may bring some bugs!

  • Fix Kingprotea skill 3 NP Damage Up
  • Fix Command Seal
  • Fix Serva Fes 2023 event point buff
  • Fix some field buff condition check

Fixed in v2.4.11

  • Support Summer Barghest NP Change buff
  • Fix entry function should only trigger once (Summer Chloe bond CE)
  • Fix team upload ineligibility check

Fixed in v2.4.10

  • Fix CE pin to top not work in Laplace
  • Fix condition check for Andersen skill 3 upgrade and Cnoc na Riabh skill 3
  • Fix summer 2023 point buff
  • Fix move to last member should check actor can act (Summer Chloe S2)
  • [WRONG! originally right but now BUG] Fix entry function should activate multiple times if count >0
  • Fix servant event trait should check limit count (Murasama event bonus in summer 2023)

Fixed in v2.4.9

  • Rewriting attackAfterFunction trigger logic
    • Altrai (Alter) skill 1 vs NP
    • Bakin skill 3 vs NP
    • Koyan of Dark skill 3 vs NP
    • Hokusai skill 3 vs NP
    • Bhima skill 3 vs NP
  • OC damage vs Sleep buff
  • counterFunction - Bazett NP test

Fixed in v2.4.8

  • Fix a bug that may cause replaceMember to execute incorrectly
  • Supports Tonelico's skills
    • Rewrote activation logic for effects that require a previous function to succeed. This also fixed Cursed Arm's NP

Fixed in v2.4.7

  • Refactor targeting related code logic to fix issues that cause mystic code skills to have incorrect activators in certain situations

Fixed in v2.4.6

  • Damage cut & Damage up (granted from Melusine ST NP) buffs behave as opposite
  • After an enemy activates a custom skill, subsequent mystic code skill are applied incorrectly

Fixed in v2.4.5

  • Hokusai (Foreigner) Skill 3 triggers before NP attack
  • Users able to interact with UI while Laplace is trying to fetch necessary data. This will result in errors under certain circumstances
  • Certain skills that impose rarity constraints do not actually check for rarity
  • functionWaveStart - usually used by enemies / scripted events to trigger skills at the start of a wave

Fixed in v2.4.4

  • Servant HP Foufou is capped at 20000

Fixed in v2.4.2

  • StackOverflow if an add/remove trait buff requires checks on servants' traits

Fixed in v2.4.1

  • Ally servants immediate enter field on quests where enemy immediate appears

Fixed in v2.4.0

  • Miyamoto Musashi's (Saber) upgraded NP always apply super effective damage
  • CE passive skills are not activated after all the servant passives. This would result in an edge case where if Amor (Caren) is equipped with a CE that grants her debuff immune, allies' Avenger passive may not correctly grant Caren Debuff resist down depending on party order

Fixed in v2.3.6

  • Proper buff turn duration counting to fix issues related to endOfTurn buffs end one turn early than expected
  • gainNpIndividualSum now properly counts traits from specified targets

Fixed in v2.3.5

  • hpReduceToRegain - Locusta Skill 2
  • functionAttackAfter is not called after NP - Super Bunyan NP
  • NP super effective damage of Beast Nero is not applied
    • added an option to automatically add the necessary traits to enemy servants to proc Beat Nero's NP super effective damage when she's in the team

Fixed in v2.3.3

  • Certain buffs that check for opponent/self's buff traits does not apply. E.g. Command Code 77 (Imperial Consort of the Heavenly Emperor) which requires opponent to have buffBurn.
  • When a servant has multiple tdTypeChange buffs, the first one mistakenly takes priority over the last one. E.g. Space Ishtar skill 2.
  • When a servant has multiple overwriteClassRelation buffs with overwriteForce values, the last one mistakenly takes priority over the first one. E.g. Kama skill3 & Reinis NP vs Atlerego attacker.
  • After 7th anniversay option does not enable invalid first card to provide first card bonus. E.g. actor of first card is stunned.

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