Up to v2.3.6

Known Issues

  • Miyamoto Musashi's (Saber) upgraded NP always apply super effective damage
  • CE passive skills are not activated after all the servant passives. This would result in an edge case where if Amor (Caren) is equipped with a CE that grants her debuff immune, allies' Avenger passive may not correctly grant Caren Debuff resist down depending on party order

Unimplemented Functions

  • damageNpCounter - Aŋra Mainiiu NP
  • counterFunction - Bazett NP

Fixed in v2.3.6

  • Proper buff turn duration counting to fix issues related to endOfTurn buffs end one turn early than expected
  • gainNpIndividualSum now properly counts traits from specified targets

Fixed in v2.3.5

  • hpReduceToRegain - Locusta Skill 2
  • functionAttackAfter is not called after NP - Super Bunyan NP
  • NP super effective damage of Beast Nero is not applied
    • added an option to automatically add the necessary traits to enemy servants to proc Beat Nero's NP super effective damage when she's in the team

Fixed in v2.3.3

  • Certain buffs that check for opponent/self's buff traits does not apply. E.g. Command Code 77 (Imperial Consort of the Heavenly Emperor) which requires opponent to have buffBurn.
  • When a servant has multiple tdTypeChange buffs, the first one mistakenly takes priority over the last one. E.g. Space Ishtar skill 2.
  • When a servant has multiple overwriteClassRelation buffs with overwriteForce values, the last one mistakenly takes priority over the first one. E.g. Kama skill3 & Reinis NP vs Atlerego attacker.
  • After 7th anniversay option does not enable invalid first card to provide first card bonus. E.g. actor of first card is stunned.
Contributors: Yome, narumi