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NP Damage Ranking

Select Targets

  • (Recommended) In any quest detail page, click on enemy icon then select NP Damage from the top right menu to set it as the target
  • Edit dummy target directly
    • Needs decent knowledge of FGO data structure, mainly traits & supereffective damage


  • Support Servant: Skill levels are set to 10/10/10, does not use NP, and will be removed from team once done casting skills
  • Game Server: Determines strengthen status
  • Player Data: Whether to use data from current plan to setup servants
  • Fixed OC: Disables OC related buffs, use the set value as OC value
  • Twice Skills: Current logic is to cast all skills in one turn, so some 1T buff will be counted twice
  • Debuff Immune: Since some servants have skills that stun themselves (Lip), this option needs to be enabled for those servants to attack properly
    • Also, since Supports will be removed once skills are cast, Caren's Passive will not activate
  • Force Enable NP S.E.: Only force enable for NP, will not force enable buff related ones
  • Some Other Notes:
    • Kukulkan will always use the skill option to consume Critical Stars (even if there's not enough to consume)
    • Space Ishtar, Emiya will have each of their NP type ranked separately
    • Melusine has three forms: ST Arts NP without using skill 3, starts with ST Arts NP then uses skill 3 to transform to AOE Buster NP, and starts with AOE Buster NP directly. These three are also ranked separately


Click on each lane to check parameters

  • Click on the icon in the top right corner for filtering
  • After checking parameters, can click Details to view actions performed
  • NP Gain arrow means there are NP gained not from the NP damage itself. E.g. Space Ishtar
  • Succeeded Instant Death NP will have higher priority in ranking

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