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Atlas DB URL

Chaldea uses Atlas Academy DB as backend, so you can copy Atlas's link directly for loading specific quests or skills.

E.g. URL of Kama's second Interlude:

E.g. URL of Kiyohime's third skill:

Shared Teams

If the current team clears the selected quest without using any custom functionality, Laplace will allow this team to be uploaded so it can be viewed by others.

  • For each quest a user can only upload 20 different teams
  • One upload every 5 minutes
  • Users can manage their uploaded teams using "My Teams" located in the main menu page of Laplace

Teams that used the following functions are disqualified from uploads

  • Custom Quests
  • Non-playable servants
  • Custom Skills
  • Skip Waves
  • Enemy Simulations

Custom Skills

There are four different ways to construct a custom quest:

  1. Select from skill list
  2. Ust Atlas DB URL
  3. Import skill data from JSON format. Similar to custom quests, here it also follows the Atlas format
  4. Input values directly for the listed buff types
    • Buff target can be customized
    • Click "X Times" and "X Turns" to set durations
    • Click "X% Rate" to set success rate

Probability Threshold & Chance To Apply Skills

Probability threshold determines whether skills with chances apply or not. If the chance of a skill to apply is greater or equal to the probability threshold, then the skill will apply, otherwise it will not (which is a miss). For example, Space Ishtar's 3rd skill can add all three card buffs with 80% chance each, so the probability threshold needs to be set to 80% or lower for this skill to apply. Also for this skill, if the setup requires only some card buffs to apply, clicking the dice icon next to the attack button will turn on the manual random value mode which allows for manual selection of skill activation.

About Team Setup

In the team setup section, servant strengthen status can be configured to match that of a specific FGO server. Whether to use current user's planning data can also be configured here. When a servant is selected, Laplace will automatically set servant options matching the current strengthen status config and user's planning data.

Also, craft essence options can also be saved in planning data.

Ping Servants/CEs to Top

In the details page, there is an option in the top right popup menu to select if a servant or CE is pinged at top.

Also, for CEs Laplace will automatically ping event CEs of the selected quest and bond CEs of the current servant.

Check Detailed Buff

Aside from clicking the servants' icon or manually checking debug logs, the recorded data in the record section can also be clicked to view specific buffs at that moment.

Draco's NP SE Damage

Draco's NP has SE Damage when targeting servants with trait 2858 Standard Class Servant. This is not equivalent to a regular servant having trait 1000 Servant and trait 100 Saber.

Before Draco is added to the game, servants in event quests do not have trait 2858 Standard Class Servant, so Draco cannot apply SE damage.

For testing purposes, you can edit the quest via Custom and add trait 2858 Stand Class Servant directly.

How to Simulate Bazett's Counter NP

Turn on "Simulate Enemy Actions" then you can activate Bazett's Counter NP if she has "Fragarach Counter" buff.

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