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Battle Simulation

Battle Simulation

Battle Simulation

The simulation mostly behaves the same as FGO Teamup, and the backend behaves similarly to FGO Simulator but with Atlas DB data structure.

Normal Operations

  • Click icons of enemy / ally to view current buff status
  • Field Traits: Will include all traits including those granted by servants
  • Records: Show all actions done by users including Instant Death and Damage parameters
    • Click Tt to switch between verbose mode and normal mode
    • Click Camera icon to save actions to PNG
    • Click skill activator or DMG/NP/Star in records to check parameters and buff status at that point

Button Bars

  • Mystic Code Skills
  • Probability Threshold: Same as the Probability Threshold in the Team Setup page
  • Critical Star: Shows the expected star count. Due to randomness in star generation in the actual game, the value may vary
  • >> Skip current wave: Clear all enemies in the current wave and goes to the next. Does not trigger death effects
  • Undo: undo the last user action
  • Manual Random Value Mode (Dice Icon): All damage and probability checks will be determined by user
  • Attack: Select command cards

Select Command Cards

  • Clicking on NP icon when NP is below 100 will prompt to select if force NP to 100
  • Clicking command card one time means normal attack (blue frame), clicking twice on the same card for critical attack (red frame)
  • Random: Random value for damage calculation with range 0.900-1.099
  • After 7th:
    • After 7th: Allows Mighty Chain, gain 20 stars on Quick Chain, and grant first card bonus even if first card cannot be performed (stunned)
    • Before 7th: Gain 10 stars on Quick Chain, and does not grant first card bonus if first card cannot be performed (stunned)

Top Right Popup Menu

  • Quest: Go to detail page of current quest
  • Battle Log: Check more detailed logs
  • Command Spell: Release Noble Phantasm (Single target 100% NP battery)
  • Command Spell: Repair Spirit Origin (Single target 100% HP Recovery)
  • Reset Skill CD: Reset all skill CD of selected target to 0
  • Activate Custom Skill: Includes Instant Death etc. Can be configured to be passive, active, and assign activator for Challenge quest simulation. For more information, check Custom Skills

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