Master Mission

Solution for master mission/weekly mission.

Similar to free quest solver, using linear programming, but here we use Integer constraints.

Add Mission Target

  • Click the top trait tabs, after select all traits for one mission, then click ADD to add to mission list.
  • Click search button to filter traits in current tab.

Generally, mission targets are described as OR: defeat 15 enemy type A or enemy type B.


  • 15 Saber or Rider enemy(not servant): select Enemy Class-Saber and Enemy Class-Rider
  • 15 demon enemy(include servant): select Servant Trait-Demon and Enemy Trait-Demon
  • .....

For JP/CN weekly missions: easily add this week's missions by selecting in the popup menu.

About AND Mode

It won't be used in most most most most situations.

e.g. mission: defeat enemies with both demon and divine.

But the dataset only records a quest with how many demon and how many divine, you don't how many enemies with both.

So here we use min(x1,x2) as the mission target count for the quest, although it is incorrect maybe.

Mostly are quests in the first several main stories. If you want to choose other quests, check the related quests. It shows the all quests with mission targets.

The related quests are sorted by target efficiency=target count/AP.

If you cannot find any quest for a mission, that mission will display grey style.