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Get BetterFGO apk mod

For JP and NA, we need modified apk to bypass cert-pinning, here we take the Rayshiftopen in new window's BetterFGO mod.

BetterFGO can be installed together with original FGO client, and you can login BFGO and original iOS/Android FGO together after transferring data

Disclaimer from

Disclaimer: While I believe this app will not get you banned, I take no responsibility for anything that might happen. I have been using this for over a year myself without issues.

Now you can directly download BFGO from following links:

You can also join Discord to get more information:

  1. Join in new window
  2. In ANNOUNCEMENT-roles, click the BetterFGO role emoji to get the role and permission.
  3. Goto betterfgo-cli channel, there are JP/NA apk mod links.

Transfer Data

Finally remember to Transfer your account data from official client to BetterFGO client。