Fate/Freedom Order

Fate/Freedom Order

2021 April Fool's mini game.

Thanks [email protected] for providing the FFO resources and synthesis pattern.

FFO Intro

All servants from Mash to No.306-Galatea, Udon servants and Boss Elizabeth. Beasts not included.

The illustration of all servants(except boss) are divided into 3 parts: Background, Head and Body.

You can freely combine these 3 parts.


  1. First of all, import ffo-data.zip from the following url:
  2. Select BGHEADBODY
  3. Click Crop to crop the region out of background, click Same Servant to use the same servant's parts
    • the full resolution of synthesized image is 1024×1024, after cropped is 512×720(BG size). The servant parts may exceed the BG region
  4. Click save to save to local, long press image to show save/share options, click image to show in full screen.

FFO Summon Simulator

Synthesis servants randomly, experience the surprise.

Maybe memory exploded after a longtime summon